Thoughts on Thanksgiving...

Hi guys. It’s been a while. I like to think that it’s because “real G’s move in silence like Lasagna”, and speaking of lasagna… Let me hurry up and finish this post so I can go eat some Thanksgiving Dinner!

As I reflected on the last year, I wanted to share a few ruminations with you all. First and foremost, I am incredibly grateful to be where I am right now. This year, I (officially/legally LOL) launched a business, traveled, and experienced a tremendous amount of growth in my personal life. I met and connected with countless women who saw my potential and made sure I saw it too. I have amazing mentors, friends, and family who believe in my business, who believe in my product and most importantly who believe in me.

This year, I spent a lot of time planning for the future of Hair To There. Generally, this involved setting lofty goals, making to-do lists on millions of little post-its, and jotting down hundreds of notes in my journal. My planning process also included conversations with myself (yeah I talk to myself) and with my close friends. When I would dare to share a wild dream of mine to another, or even just aloud to myself, I often experienced equal parts excitement and crippling fear. Now, as you might know, fear is the most unproductive feeling. It will have you second-guessing your ideas, dumbing down your dreams, and stagnating your ascent to greatness if you let it. While 2015 was a year of tremendous growth and accomplishments concerning Hair To There, I often felt unable to push myself to the next level of business simply because I was afraid.

For example, I had very little marketing or social media presence this year because I felt afraid of truly putting myself out there for the world. I thought I needed to have an impeccably perfect social media strategy before launching one. Because I am no social media guru, I did my research and realized I should probably upgrade my color-scheme and logo before launching a campaign. I also felt like I should probably have more products available for sale, and in order to have more products, I’d have to invest in more inventory. In order to do that, I’d have to rearrange my personal and business budgets to increase my capital. By that point the pile of tasks just seemed so incredibly daunting that I ended up doing NOTHING! Honestly, I probably just took a nap to get my mind off all of the things I had to do. You see? One small problem became an enormous cluster of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt.

I have wonderful ideas for new products and have come a long way to bring them to my customers, but something kept holding me back. After much consideration I realized that fear was taking on a strong hold in my life. In a practical sense this meant that all of my great ideas and goals for Hair To There were simply being delayed, the superficial rationale was the need to achieve perfection or a state of complete preparedness before moving forward. The reality is that I was standing in my own way. I needed to realize that no one is ever perfectly prepared to embark on anything in life, and that’s OK. Needless to say once you know, there’s no going back.

Therefore, I came to the realization that I will not, and absolutely CANNOT, do that anymore. I cannot let fear cripple me, and this blog will be my accountability partner. Sometimes you just need to say it out-loud so that someone else hears it, and knows what you’re working on, and cares enough to ask about it. That additional level of accountability is truly amazing when it comes from friends and loved ones, but it is even more powerful if it comes from within. Putting my ideas out there for the world even if they’re not perfect and allowing for those imperfections to be smoothed and honed through thoughtful dialogue and feedback will be my antidote to the fear that once had set up shop in my life. Instead of building massive piles of anxiety in my mind, I will attack large problems through a series of small tasks. I will feel accomplished and productive, sans anxiety. Finally, I hope to document my journey of overcoming fear and embarking on greatness on this blog! Wish me luck!

Thanks for listening guys, and I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends.