Hair To There was founded to help women of color learn to love and take care of their natural hair.

Hair To There   Founder Lauryn Nwankpa

Hair To There Founder Lauryn Nwankpa

Natural hair has become a sort of "buzz word" as of late; hair companies, commercials and YouTube all boast of the "best" way to care for natural hair. But as a former product junkie, with perpetually dry hair, I realized that the more product I put in my hair the less it looked and felt healthy. I decided to go back to the basics...or well...nature. What works for some might not work for others, but many agree that minimizing chemicals, maintaining moisture, and understanding the chemistry of your hair are pretty good starting points.

Growing up with a Nigerian father, I always laughed at the idea of his ancestors rushing out to the nearest Target, buying bottle after bottle of chemically laced conditioners and shampoos, and glopping the product all over their head, to achieve moisturized and healthy hair. Of course they didn't do that! There was no Target or Hello Hydration, they only had access to the naturally occurring items at their disposal. Water, Shea Nuts, natural oils, clays and butters, their hands, and their imaginations! I figured, "if I am not achieving the look and feel with high priced, chemically laced products on the shelves of my local store, why not go back to the basics?" And thus, Hair To There was born. This website/store/blog/gallery is a minimalist's guide to healthy, moisturized, fabulous hair. Let's keep it simple, let's get back to basics. Let's grow Hair To There.